Cecilia Hansson

THE POLISH PURSUIT – a panel discussion with Adam Zagajewski, Henryk Woźniakowski, Grzegorz Jankowicz, Cecilia Hansson & Emi-Simone Zawall at Massolit Books in Kraków

Since Poland has been in focus lately, the Swedish Writers’ Unions discussion scene Fyren is heading for Kraków to take the temperature on the conditions that Polish authors are working under by organizing a panel discussion in Kraków, April 28.

How does the political situation in Poland affect the working conditions of authors and other cultural professionals? What role has culture and literature played in the Polish society historically? How has it changed and how will it change? And is Gombrowicz’s advise to Polish artists that they should not waste their time in the ”pursuit of Europe” still valid?

Adam Zagajewski – poet, novelist, translator and essayist,

Henryk Woźniakowski – essayist, member of the Board of the Polish PEN Club and President of the ZNAK publishing house

Grzegorz Jankowicz – program director of the literary Conrad festival, guest programming curator at the Read My World Festival in Amsterdam, author, critic and translator. Works at the Jagiellonian University and is also the cultural editor of ”Tygodnik Powszechny”

Cecilia Hansson (poet, translator and board member of the Swedish Writers’ Union) & Emi-Simone Zawall (writer and translator)

Fyren [The Lighthouse] is a discussion scene at The Swedish Writers’ Union run by Cecilia Hansson and Emi-Simone Zawall.

This event is arranged with the support of the Swedish Writers’ Union, Swedish Institute, Massolit Books & Café and the Department of Swedish Philology at the Jagellonian University in Kraków.

Massolit Books

Swedish Institute




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